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About Love Spell Consultant


Hello! My name is Tuesday.


California Witch Love Consultant

Tuesday the California Witch

Welcome to California Witch, your destination for powerful white witchcraft love spells & premiere love consultant in Los Angeles, California. I can promise you that if you make the changes that are needed, be patient and comply with the spell and witchcraft process you will absolutely 100% have the outcome that you wish, desire and dream about!! If you have hired other spell casters or psychics before and you were promised the moon and the stars overnight I’m afraid to tell you that it’s just a sales pitch. The simple truth is it isn’t possible. Everyone wants the miracle diet pill that makes you lose 10 pounds a day. We all want to open up a business or invest in something that can make us become millionaires overnight. And wouldn’t it be great if we could by quick fix spells. Unfortunately, none of this ever works. Those who  look for the fast result are not going to get permanent lasting results. But if you’re really willing and ready to do the work necessary then I can help you.

Are you seeking the truth? Do you want lasting results? Are you interested in powerful love spells that work? Then don’t hesitate to call me now at (310) 993-5716!

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and CaliforniaWitch.com. I come from a long line of professional witches and am the 8th generation in my family to practice witchcraft. I am a High Priestess White Magic Witch who specializes in love spells, energy healing, chakra balancing and communication with your spiritual guide. I have been practicing my craft for 26 years. I was born into this and have a God-given talent. I absolutely love what I do and would love to help you.

I do not take every case but when I do I know I will succeed 100%. I will only take your case if I know that I can help you change your life.

Each case I take on is so specific and individualized, which means that each love spell/healing I do is individually tailored to perfect each person’s life. Each and every love spell is different because each person I work with is unique in their own special energy and needs. I use natural elements of the earth and call upon the energy of the universe making my love spells the absolute strongest and most effective known to love spell casters. The majority of my clients are referred from satisfied customers! All cases are private and confidential. I cast spells specifically suited to meet your needs. Before I begin any love spell, I will perform a compatibility love reading. After performing this compatibility reading, I will sincerely let you know if the person that you’re inquiring about is in love with you, if the relationship is meant to be, what’s blocking him or her, and how to bring the two of you together. At this point I will advise you as to which of my spells would work best for you and your unique situation.

So what makes Californiawitch.com different from other spell casters you may ask?

Most importantly I work by using energy, witchcraft, and performing/casting spells. I will work with you one-on-one to clarify and discover where the problems are. Once we pinpoint the exact problems and areas that need to be cleared, whether the problems are coming from you or the person you are inquiring about, we will tackle each one individually.  I will be by your side through the whole thing. There is no time limit in helping you. I am here for you until you get the results you want or need. We may find that some insecurities or fears that affect intimacy, commitment or trust issues are in the way. I will work with you to clear the negative energies, repair the chakras, enhance the feelings, and remove any fears of trusting the other person or them from trusting you. A lot of couples after a certain time lose a sense of romance, in their relationship or marriage. This does not mean that it cannot be restored of course with work anything can be cured.

The only limits you have in your life are the ones you create in your heart, mind, vibrational energy field. Keep in mind you have control over this!! I can help you find the magic your relationship lost!!

Don’t wait! Call me today at (310) 993-5716 and let’s get started on returning you to love and getting the life you always dreamed about.

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