California Witch love Spells


Q. how long does it take to complete A Love spell?

A. 30 days other spell casters witchcraft spells websites will have you believe they can have it done within one hour or a couple of days simply that's just not true!


by clicking on buy now, it will take you to the terms of services Page, which you will have to agree to accept terms of service then. it will take you too a questionnaire, please fill it out, once I receive your request you, will then receive invoice for payment. through your email.


Q. How do Iknow what love spell I need ?

A. The truth is the most cases need of combination witchcraft spells, that's why we sell packages.

Here at California witch we apologize and hope you Understand that not every case is excepted. at Love Spells Los Angeles  We can not except everyones love spell case, (simply) we do not believe in going against free will. We will have to evaluate You're situation to determine whether witchcraft spells would be successful for you!

** DISCLAIMER : Please note results may vary from person to person everyones background & situation is different.   ** more info please contact Tuesday Phillips

Love Spells Los Angeles Here at my coven each witch can only accept 8 spell casting  cases per month. and my coven consists of 25 high priest witches.  please  call ahead for availability. For your spell casting Witchcraft spells takes 30 days to complete. And each case may need 1-3  months. depending on the severity of your case.


Q. why does California witch take 30 days to complete her witchcraft spells?

A.  you have to go through the 4 full phases of the Moon to complete spellcasting which takes 30 days.

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